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My Schedule

Hi friends!! I hope you are having an amazing morning!! You’re so awesome!! In this post I’ll be showing my schedule! Be sure to check out the poll at the end of this post and vote! Thanks!

Wake Up at 7:27ish

I normally wake up at 6:00 or 7:00 but I’m definitely not an early bird and I’ll get grumpy and tired in the morning so the longer I sleep the less grumpy I’ll be…Lol..


I love to pray to God and I pray everyday. I also pray in the morning.

Make the bed/fold the covers

I like to have my room cleaned so when I wake up I make my bed and fold the covers.

Nap/chill on the couch

Like I said earlier, I’m NOT an early bird so when I go downstairs I go straight to the couch and just chill there.


Yummm……….I love food….

Get Dressed

Then I get dressed brush my teeth and brush my hair, put my earrings on…. Stuff like that

Do chores

Then I’ll do my chores to help clean the house

Spare time

Go play outside, skateboard, draw, blog, clean some more…etc… stuff like that.



More Spare time

more free time


More food…yummm

shower/get ready for bed

Next I’ll get ready for bed. I like to get ready earlier for bed so I have more free time.

Movie night/Board games/activity

movie night or we’ll play board games before bed


I use Calm to meditate,( it does cost some money)… It calms me down and makes me happy and helps me sleep better. Then I count 10 that make me happy and be thankful for them.

Read some of the Bible

Before bed I always read a part of the Bible.


Every day I always pray. Before I go to bed I always pray.

In Sunday school my teacher told us to use ACT to pray.

Adore him

Confess your sins to him

Thank him

Go to Bed

Then I go to bed.

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