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45 Fun Things To Do In Summer

  1. Host a party/Cookout
  2. Go to the pool!
  3. Play with pets
  4. Go to the beach
  5. Catch bugs
  6. Play outside
  7. Go camping
  8. Find a new hobby
  9. Start something new! Ex: learn how to rollerblade or learn how to crochet
  10. Find a new TV show to watch
  11. Go hiking
  12. Start a lemonade stand
  13. Hang out in the backyard with family
  14. Eat popsicles
  15. Write a short book
  16. Draw a landscape
  17. Go on a bike ride
  18. Water balloon Fight
  19. Get a tan
  20. Bake some new recipes
  21. Jump on the/a trampoline
  22. Go on a trail by water
  23. Listen to a song on a walk
  24. Draw with chalk
  25. start a neighborhood small business
  26. Have a sleepover
  27. Paint something in summer
  28. Go to Disney
  29. Go to Universal Studios
  30. Play outside till it gets dark
  31. Collect seashells
  32. Have a race outside
  33. Blog
  34. Go fishing
  35. Write a summer post
  36. listen to happy songs
  37. dance
  38. Sing
  39. Play/learn how to play a new instrument
  40. Organize your closet
  41. Organize your drawers
  42. Have no worries
  43. Be creative
  44. Create a happy song
  45. Have positive thoughts.

Published by AJ | Happy Bees

Hi! My name is AJ and I'm glad you're here! You can call me AJ or Violet. My best friend in the world is Hannah at tween peek. I love to eat ( who doesn't?!) I love the outdoors and playing sports. I play and love to play ice hockey, ( I'm left wing :) ) and I'm a cheerleader(backspot)! I'm very organized and love to spread joy! Thanks! Read More : -Ana Jañe (Aj)

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