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July Target!

Hi! I have a few things I want to say! First go check out my Best Friends New Post here! Next is.. Our June Target was 90 views…..And guess what!!…….By the end of the month we got 286 views!!! Thanks to all who made this possible!

Lastly ( I hope that’s a word lol), It’s July!!!!! And our July Target is…..325 views! Think we can do this?! And how about 12 followers!

That’s all I have for this post today! Enjoy your day!

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Published by AJ | Happy Bees

Hi! My name is AJ and I'm glad you're here! You can call me AJ or Violet. My best friend in the world is Hannah at tween peek. I love to eat ( who doesn't?!) I love the outdoors and playing sports. I play and love to play ice hockey, ( I'm left wing :) ) and I'm a cheerleader(backspot)! I'm very organized and love to spread joy! Thanks! Read More : -Ana Jañe (Aj)

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