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Art Update

Hey Happy Bees! How are you?!

Today I’m going to make the first Art Update on Happy Bees!! So let’s get to it!

Week 1- Visioning

There’s so many ways to do art! But sometimes you can vision what art you’d like to try and how you’d like to do it. Today I’ll be telling how you can come up with a vision when your mind goes blank. So let’s get what we need to try it.

-Grab any piece of paper

-Grab something to draw with

We are going to make a vision out of shapes.

Sometimes when my mind goes blank when I’m painting or drawing, I use a technique.

-Draw a shape or weird patterns or lines and then Pair ( find something that looks like it or create something up.) it with an object or thing or any thing for example I drew a circle with a triangle it and it seemed like it looked like face so I Drew a face and created a made up character. I made squares and circles and it looked like a dog so I created a fantasy animal that has a resemblance of a dog.

I hope this helped! Thanks for reading!

Sneak Peak: Next Week Art Update: Drawing Your Character-Human

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Hi! My name is AJ and I'm glad you're here! You can call me AJ or Violet. My best friend in the world is Hannah at tween peek. I love to eat ( who doesn't?!) I love the outdoors and playing sports. I play and love to play ice hockey, ( I'm left wing :) ) and I'm a cheerleader(backspot)! I'm very organized and love to spread joy! Thanks! Read More : -Ana Jañe (Aj)

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