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Fall Update!

Hello HappyBees!! I decided to update y’all with what’s going on!

I’m Playing Cello!

There is strings class you can sign up for and I did! And now I’m learning to play cello! People always ask if its heavy but it really isn’t as heavy as you would think. It’s lighter than my School backpack though!

My Halloween Costume!

I have narrowed it down to human Dory from Finding Nemo (Pixar) and a girl version of Link from LOZ! I think I’m going to be Link :)

I’m going to Kings Dominion!

I love theme parks and my friend invited me to go with her! And I’m So excited!

Happy Birthday A and O!

A shares a Birthday with O! What a Coinky Dink ( That Means Coincidence)! :)

My friend and I are in-training to become safety patrols!

We are training to become Safety patrols! So exciting! I am so thankful she is not a Trainee, which means she is a patrol but wouldn’t really have any shifts unless someone is out for the day or moves away. Trainee would become a patrol next year. Usually the Older kids ( Like Me) are the patrols and they need 4 of them for a bus, but we only had 3 so they chose her to become the 4th patrol! Yay!

Thanks For Reading!

Are you training for a safety patrol? Going to a theme park soon? Do you play cello? Already have an idea for a costume for halloween? Comment below!

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Hi! My name is AJ and I'm glad you're here! You can call me AJ or Violet. My best friend in the world is Hannah at tween peek. I love to eat ( who doesn't?!) I love the outdoors and playing sports. I play and love to play ice hockey, ( I'm left wing :) ) and I'm a cheerleader(backspot)! I'm very organized and love to spread joy! Thanks! Read More : -Ana Jañe (Aj)

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