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Happy Bees Interviews Ep.2 With Elizabeth at Boundless Brunette

Hello Happy Bees! Hope you are enjoying winter! Also welcome to the HBI series if you are new here! I’m really excited for this interview to start, but before we do make sure to visit Elizabeth’s site: Boundless Brunette! I would also recommend following her site, it’s worth it and you won’t be disappointed. Without further ado, let’s get to it! Thanks

AJ: Hi Elizabeth! I’m so glad to have you here for the series! Your blog is welcoming and so goal-achieving!  What encouraged or influenced you to start a blog?

Elizabeth: Thanks so much for having me on! When I started my blog, I will say I 
was pretty speechless hearing about all these people making hundreds to 
thousands of dollars a month of their blog. Needless to say, I was in 
awe, and I really wanted to try it. Now, I realize there is so much more 
to blogging! I love the community and how welcoming everyone else is to 
your ideas.

AJ: Sounds amazing! What an inspiration!

AJ: You have so many amazing blog posts, but which type is your favorite?

Elizabeth: Ooh! This one is a good one. My favorite types of blog posts to write 
are probably blog posts that help people create a better lifestyle, or 
sharing freebies! I’m actually working on a freebie-blog post in the to 
come in the upcoming weeks, which is always fun.

AJ: I agree!

AJ: What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

Elizabeth:  My favorite thing about blogging is probably being able to share my 
thoughts without anybody knowing who I am. Yes, a handful of people that 
read my blog do know me in real life, but the majority are people who 
know close to nothing about me. Plus, everyone’s so friendly, and no one 
thinks twice about helping your blog out! (like you!)

AJ: Sounds wonderful & thank you!!

AJ: We already did a lot of blog-themed questions. Let’s do something fun like:What holiday is your favorite??

Elizabeth: CHRISTMAS!! I love Christmas-time so much! The cookies, the 
decorations, Advent church services, everything!

AJ: Me too!! And your favorite season is….?

Elizabeth:  Generally I’d say fall, but lately it’s really been winter! Now that 
I live down south, I don’t really get snow, and I totally envy those who 

AJ: Yeah, I haven’t gotten snow yet here too!

AJ: I’m craving some cake and speaking of cake what is your favorite dessert? :)

Elizabeth: I  do love Oreos! But, going the homemade route, I’d have to say 
chocolate chip cookies

AJ: Sounds delicious!

AJ: Favorite song?

Elizabeth: Ah, this is such a tricky one! I’m more of a podcast person, but when 
I listen to music, I do love “Summer Girls” by LFO!

AJ: Never heard that song before, I’ll listen to it after the interview!

AJ: I know Christmas is around the corner, what do you hope to get from family members?

Elizabeth: I really hope to get some more pairs of yoga pants, and an Apple 
Watch, or help with payment for an Apple Watch. Those are my main 
things, but there are also a couple small things, like vinyl for my 
Cricut, and makeup products.

Thank you, again, so much for this opportunity!

AJ: Thanks so much for coming onto the series! BE sure to check out Elizabeth’s Blog: Boundless Brunette!

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Hi! My name is AJ and I'm glad you're here! You can call me AJ or Violet. My best friend in the world is Hannah at tween peek. I love to eat ( who doesn't?!) I love the outdoors and playing sports. I play and love to play ice hockey, ( I'm left wing :) ) and I'm a cheerleader(backspot)! I'm very organized and love to spread joy! Thanks! Read More : -Ana Jañe (Aj)

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