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My Nighttime Routine-2022

Hey happy bees!! How are you doing? I know I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been really busy and I was actually going to write a post on what’s in my cheer bag but when I had free time there was crazy weather and lost power and internet. But thankfully, we have power and internet back! Anyways, in todays post I was going to do my nighttime routine. My nighttime routine in this post would start around 7:30ish. The times are different for different days because on some days I have after school activities or a sports practice. On this post it will be an after cheer practice nighttime routine.

This post is not sponsored.


Around this time cheer practice would be over so I would drive home and arrive shortly home.


At this time I would grab my cheer bag and shoes and bring them to my room. Once I’m up there I get my pj’s and clothes for school ready. Then I usually will take my dogs on a walk.


I would go shower and wash my hair around this time. I recently got a Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub and it smells sooooo good! It also makes my skin verrrryyy smooth! This is the one I got. It kinda reminds me of tropicalness ( I know that’s not a word but bear with me :) ) or the beach.


After I shower and get dressed I would go take my dogs on a quick walk since its a darker outside.


I then do my homework. This can take up to 20 minuets or until 10:00. I usually get TONS of homework but there’s always at least day I get less. If I do take until 10:00 with homework, I would just give everyone hugs, then brush my teeth, pray, say things I’m grateful for, and then go to bed.

After homework is done

Again, this time changes a lot so I didn’t put a specific time. I would grab something to eat after and watch or do something with my family. We almost always have a movie night with an episode or two from our favorite shows. My sister and mom always like watching Grey’s Anatomy so we normally watch that. Or we might watch another show or a movie that we enjoy.


I put electronics up around this time. I also get things ready other than clothes for School. This stuff would be hair ties, jewelry, brushes, socks, hair clips and shoes. After that, if I’m really tired I would brush teeth, give hugs, pray and go to bed.


I would do my skincare routine ( if y’all wanna know what this is comment below! I might make a post on it), brush teeth, hair ( or put it in braids) because for some reason I can’t sleep with my hair let down, I would go downstairs and give hugs, pray, and I might read some of the Bible, and then go to bed because the next day I would have school and have to wake up early.

Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! Hope y’all have a great day!

Stormy Weather

Hi there happy bees! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, I’ve either been busy at school or cheer and it takes up a lot of my schedule. I was actually planning to post a get ready with me post about cheer but the weather is getting crazy! I’m not even sure that this post will send through. I just wanted to thank y’all for being patient with my posts!



Hey happy bees! I have multiple posts I’m working on, I just need to finish up one more then I should be able to post them. Also I’m sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, I’ve been incredibly busy. A classic short post, :)

Thanks so much y’all!

Hints for posts: Lotion, Photography, Nature

Happy Bees Interviews Ep.3 With Jo|FroggySprouts

AJ: Hey there Happy Bees how are y’all? I hope y’all are doing great! In this post we are doing HBI Ep.3! It’ll be a fun interview with my dear friend Jo from FroggySprouts! Before I get to it be sure to check out her blog here! Without further ado, let’s get started!

AJ: I also wanted to say thanks for coming onto the series! We’re so glad to have you here!

Jo: Hi everyone! It’s such an honor to be here.

AJ: I’m excited for this episode! I’ll get to the questions right away!

AJ: What is your current goal for blogging?

Jo: Oooo! Great question. I gotta say that my current goal would be to get at least 20 followers

AJ: Great goal! I know you can do it! What’s your favorite part about blogging?

Jo: Hmmm…there’s so many great things about blogging! But what really makes me happy is seeing everyone being so kind, respectful, and supportive to my blog. It’s so fascinating to see how much views I have got over the past few months!

AJ: I agree! What inspired you to start blogging?

Jo: I always thought it was so neat how people would have online business and such awesome blogs! But when you introduced me to WordPress and Happy Bees, I knew that I had to make my own blog! So thanks so much for telling me about WordPress!

AJ: It’s my pleasure!

AJ: Now to the fun stuff! What’s your favorite Disney Ride?

Jo: Oh great, the hardest question anyone could ever ask me 😂 I really love the classic Splash Mountain. But the new Rise of the Resistance ride was so awesome! But then again Expedition Everest is so cool! I can’t choose between those three 🤦‍♀️

AJ: I agree! I love those three rides a lot! I personally have the need for speed so I’d have to say Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster is my favorite!

Jo: I have never been on that ride before! I’m so ashamed….😝

AJ: I know! I tried to get you to ride it! And please-Don’t be ashamed! :)

AJ: What’s your favorite color?

Jo: My most favorite color is canary yellow. But I also like the colors baby pink and dark green.

AJ: I agree! Pastel yellow is my favorite my color

AJ: And what’s your favorite plant?

Jo: All of them! I actually have a lot of different plants in my room. I also really love flowers but can’t take care of them. I have this plant and I killed all the flowers but the leafs are still alive.

AJ: Same, I’m not the best at keeping plants alive but I love them! And that’s so cool that you have so many plants in your room! I can’t have them in my room cause then I’d get allergies

AJ: What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Jo: Play with my dog Vader or play Animal Crossing. This one might sound weird but I also like to organize or clean in my free time 😬

AJ: Awesome! And no that doesn’t sound weird I do the same thing!

AJ: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

Jo: Either Australia ( because I love their accents), Germany ( it’s so beautiful there!) or Hawaii ( The beaches are so pretty! I would also like to learn how to hula)

AJ: Sounds cool!

Thanks so much for joining us for HBI Ep.3! Be sure to check out Jo’s blog!


🐝 Bye happy bees! Have a great day!🐝

Just Another Update|Poll results

Hey happy bees! In the post I made: Just another update, I had poll for y’all to vote which post you’d like to see. We got 80 votes and the result is..












HBI Ep.3!

poll results. (using Crowdsignal )

Thanks so much for reading and voting! I’ll get started on HBI Ep.3!

Free Beach Phone Wallpaper

Hello Happy Bees! I made some beach wallpaper for phones, they are free to download and use. Also go check out other wallpapers I made here and credit to Cupcakesandlemonade for giving me this idea!

(I know that the featured image is a bit big but I’ll try o fix it :) )

steps to download them:

click on the image, then select open image in a new tab, click save as and then set as wallpaper!

if you’re using an iphone just hold on the image and click add to photos, then go to settings, hit wallpaper and choose it as your wallpaper!

Beach Vibes
gone surf’n
beach please
January Calender
Beach time-music
Go with the flow

Hope y’all liked the wallpapers! Thanks for reading!

Free Phone Wallpaper

Hey happy bees! I got this great idea from Cupcakesandlemonade, so credit to there and thanks so much for this idea! I made free phone wallpapers myself and hope you enjoy them!

steps to download them:

click on the image, then select open image in a new tab, click save as and then set as wallpaper!

if you’re using an iphone just hold on the image and click add to photos, then go to settings, hit wallpaper and choose it as your wallpaper!

Believe you can and you will positive wallpaper
sky’s the limit
positive wallpaper( rainbow)
1 Corinthians 16:14

These are the wallpapers I’ve made so far! Credit to Cupcakesandlemonade!

2022 Goals ( & blogging)

Like I said before, happy 2022! It still feels weird to say 2022..But it’s not weird to say my goals for 2022 ( & my blogging goals for 2022!) So let’s get to it!

Before I get into my goals for 2022 let’s review 2021! ( blogging)

2021 review

I started blogging in I think around June 2021 and less than a few weeks later we got 206 views. But then I totally forgot about posting something on my blog until around October! ( So Sorry about that!). I need sticky notes to put on my mirror saying “Post a post on your blog!” :)

We got views from all over the world too! It’s so amazing! We also got 72 comments in 2021. In 2021 we got around 800 views!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!

That’s pretty much the blogging summary of 2021!

2022 Goals

Happy 2022 happy bees! That makes me think, did I ever tell y’all why I call y’all happy bees? You probably thought well, the blog name is Happy Bees so that makes sense. That’s a part of it but why is it called happy bees? I thought it was a cute name, and so did my best friend Hannah. There was more to it than that. I called my blog Happy Bees because bees spread pollen *which sadly is one of my allergies but my allergies have nothing to do with the name* and when they spread pollen it helps grow plants and helps multiply the plants. So if we are happy and spread it to others it will multiply (increase) the joy in the world and the joy in others and repeat and repeat and repeat. I just thought I should’ve shared that and I’m glad I did.

Before I get even more carried away these are my goals/things I want to do in 2022!

2022 Life Goals
  • spread joy
  • be happy
  • worry less
  • be more positive
  • help others more
  • work on my handwriting
  • practice more piano
  • practice more cello
  • practice more hockey
  • practice my acting more
  • get better at swimming
  • try to hold my breath longer underwater ( when I go swimming)
  • take more photography
  • get more flexible
  • stop procrastinating about writing a blog post( seriously! I don’t like when I procrastinate)
  • teach my puppy more tricks/things
  • try to save money
  • re-decorate my room
  • get faster at running
  • memorize scripture from the Bible
  • do more creativity warm ups ( for when I draw,paint, etc..)
Blogging Goals

These are my blogging goals!

  • inspire people
  • make people more happy/spread joy
  • gain more followers
  • get more likes
  • get more comments
  • try to get 40+ followers
  • again, stop procrastinating about writing a blog post
  • be more consistent with posts
  • make more Pinterest pins for my blog
  • try to get 100+ more views per month on Pinterest ( currently have 167 views per month)
  • actually post the pins :)
  • Do more HBI or do more collabs
  • do some fun things/posts ( maybe make wallpapers and share them with y’all or if you have any ideas comment down below!!)

( Also I know the featured image is a bit big I’ll try to find out how to fix it)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Happy 2022!