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Free Phone Wallpaper

Hey happy bees! I got this great idea from Cupcakesandlemonade, so credit to there and thanks so much for this idea! I made free phone wallpapers myself and hope you enjoy them!

steps to download them:

click on the image, then select open image in a new tab, click save as and then set as wallpaper!

if you’re using an iphone just hold on the image and click add to photos, then go to settings, hit wallpaper and choose it as your wallpaper!

Believe you can and you will positive wallpaper
sky’s the limit
positive wallpaper( rainbow)
1 Corinthians 16:14

These are the wallpapers I’ve made so far! Credit to Cupcakesandlemonade!

2022 Goals ( & blogging)

Like I said before, happy 2022! It still feels weird to say 2022..But it’s not weird to say my goals for 2022 ( & my blogging goals for 2022!) So let’s get to it!

Before I get into my goals for 2022 let’s review 2021! ( blogging)

2021 review

I started blogging in I think around June 2021 and less than a few weeks later we got 206 views. But then I totally forgot about posting something on my blog until around October! ( So Sorry about that!). I need sticky notes to put on my mirror saying “Post a post on your blog!” :)

We got views from all over the world too! It’s so amazing! We also got 72 comments in 2021. In 2021 we got around 800 views!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!

That’s pretty much the blogging summary of 2021!

2022 Goals

Happy 2022 happy bees! That makes me think, did I ever tell y’all why I call y’all happy bees? You probably thought well, the blog name is Happy Bees so that makes sense. That’s a part of it but why is it called happy bees? I thought it was a cute name, and so did my best friend Hannah. There was more to it than that. I called my blog Happy Bees because bees spread pollen *which sadly is one of my allergies but my allergies have nothing to do with the name* and when they spread pollen it helps grow plants and helps multiply the plants. So if we are happy and spread it to others it will multiply (increase) the joy in the world and the joy in others and repeat and repeat and repeat. I just thought I should’ve shared that and I’m glad I did.

Before I get even more carried away these are my goals/things I want to do in 2022!

2022 Life Goals
  • spread joy
  • be happy
  • worry less
  • be more positive
  • help others more
  • work on my handwriting
  • practice more piano
  • practice more cello
  • practice more hockey
  • practice my acting more
  • get better at swimming
  • try to hold my breath longer underwater ( when I go swimming)
  • take more photography
  • get more flexible
  • stop procrastinating about writing a blog post( seriously! I don’t like when I procrastinate)
  • teach my puppy more tricks/things
  • try to save money
  • re-decorate my room
  • get faster at running
  • memorize scripture from the Bible
  • do more creativity warm ups ( for when I draw,paint, etc..)
Blogging Goals

These are my blogging goals!

  • inspire people
  • make people more happy/spread joy
  • gain more followers
  • get more likes
  • get more comments
  • try to get 40+ followers
  • again, stop procrastinating about writing a blog post
  • be more consistent with posts
  • make more Pinterest pins for my blog
  • try to get 100+ more views per month on Pinterest ( currently have 167 views per month)
  • actually post the pins :)
  • Do more HBI or do more collabs
  • do some fun things/posts ( maybe make wallpapers and share them with y’all or if you have any ideas comment down below!!)

( Also I know the featured image is a bit big I’ll try to find out how to fix it)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Happy 2022!

Just Another Update

Hey there Happy Bees! How’s your new year going? Well, I hope it’s going great! Anyways since it’s a New Year why not update y’all with new things? Hope you enjoy!

My Pointe Shoes

I was going through my closet because I really wanted to get ride of some stuff and organize ( *note about me*: I LOVE ORGANIZING!) anyways, I found my old pointe shoes. My old pointe shoes are red and worn out. I used to go on pointe everyday, do some spins and warm ups. But when summer ended I didn’t do pointe that much and then I got busy with school, I didn’t have much time for pointe. I should start doing pointe more.

I went on vacation!

I went on vacation to the beach and had lot’s of fun! I went swimming, was lazy in a lazy river, and found pretty sea shells. And someone caught a shark on the beach! It was really cool!


I’m working on some posts so stay tuned!


It’s been warm or not cold for a while here in winter. Until today! It finally snowed! The trees are so beautiful and now my friend and I don’t have to go ”dirt or mud” sledding! YAY!


If you enjoy reading or watching Harry Potter this will please you! If you say Lumos to your phone it turns the flashlight on! Here’s how: Press the Siri button/say Hey Siri and then just say ( or shout but be mindful of others around you) Lumos! It’s pretty cool!

Well that’s all I got for this update ( I know it’s very short I’ll make longer ones soon), I hope you enjoyed and if you did it would be amazing if you’d press that like button if not, I totally understand. Thanks for listening..well reading!

Happy New Year!!!!

There’s not much to say but..HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!! 🎉🎉 I hope you got off to a good start on 2022! Wow, 2022, thats so weird to say! Time goes by fast! Hope y’all enjoyed 2021 lets look forward for the good things in 2022 not what bad things might happen or what happened in the past. Happy 2022!

Check out my bff’s most recent post. I’ll write December Target results and January/new year target(s) soon because I’m on vacation right now. Also I’m sorry if this post looks weird, I’m using my phone to write this. Anyways Happy New Years!

What I Got For Christmas & Christmas Eve in 2021

Hey happy bees! Hope you had lots of fun on Christmas! I enjoyed my Christmas but I just didn’t get a Christmasy feeling because there was no snow! That’s okay though, I had a fun time with family, church, friends, giving, food, and presents :) can’t forget about the presents. Speaking go presents, this is what I got for Christmas in 2021! Enjoy!


I got this cowrie anklet which I love so much. It’s very comfortable and is a nice accessory.


I honestly LOVE THIS PRESENT SO MUCH! It’s a ponytail holder which is really just a hair tie holder. It came with 80 hair ties and an amazing jar-thing to hold it. I always lose my hair ties so this is a good thing. It’s very helpful and a nice decoration in the bathroom or your room.


I got this nice cactus hairbrush and doesn’t pull on your hair when you brush it and works well. It also does an amazing job at detangling knots in your hair.


I got this cute dachshund puppy 2022 calendar. I’ve already hung it up in my room so that when 2022 starts I’m all ready.


I got these amazing earrings (pearls and sparkly ones) , I always wear dangly earrings but I love these earrings so I’ll start wearing them.


I got this cool mug which comes with cute socks, passion fruit lotion, and perfume/body mist. I normally don’t get this kind of stuff but it’s fun to get something new.


I got this AMAZING video recording set. It came with a ring light that you can change the brightness and modes on it and can put your device in the center of it so you can video record, a green screen, and a small ring light thing that you can put on your device such as computer or phone.


I got some shower blasts, I think they are like bath bombs but for the shower. Like I said before, I usually don’t get this kind of stuff but is fun to get something new.


I got this pack of hand sanitizer, lotion, and perfume. Like I said, I usually don’t get this kind of stuff but it is fun to get something new.


I also got scrunchies because since I have short hair when I make my hair into two buns it always starts falling apart so the scrunches keep it together.


My sister got me this cute notebook for aquarius’. I really love it.


I saved the best one for last. I got a puppy! I didn’t get her on Xmas but she was my “early Christmas present”. Click here and scroll down to the comments on that post to see which dog breed she is.


Hope you enjoyed this post. Merry after Christmas!

Gifts for a Tween Girl at Christmas: Part Two


You can go check out the first part here! Anyways, I’m happy to write this post because I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Also click here to read my quick life update, if we get one more person to like it I will reveal which dog breed my new puppy is. In this post I’ll be listing some more things below what to get a tween girl for Christmas. Like I said last post, I’ll be splitting it into categories! Enjoy!

Part 2:


This one is a bit harder for me because I’m not really interested in make up and things like that.
  • Mascara
  • Blush Brush ( Is that what its called??)
  • Blush
  • Make up Organizer
  • Make up bag
  • Lipstick
  • Eye Shadow
  • Lip-gloss
  • Hair Brush
  • Hair Straightener/ Curler
  • Make up Vanity
  • Make up lighted Vanity
  • Mirror
  • Lotion ( Suggested by Opal!)


  • Headphones
  • Headphones with speaker
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch games
  • Xbox
  • Ps4/Ps5
  • Gameboy
  • Nintendo 3DS/2DS
  • Nintendo 3DS/2DS games
  • Gaming remote ( Custom/ Character/ normal)
  • Airpods
  • Airpod Case
  • Computer
  • Other gaming console


  • Paints
  • Paint brush ( Maybe a nice one or fun or creative one)
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Pallet
  • Canvas
  • Easel
  • Camera
  • Sketch Book
  • Pencil Case
  • Sketching pencils
  • Oil pastels
  • iPad ( for digitally drawing )
  • Digital Drawing Pen


Thanks for listening ( Well reading..) ! Hope you enjoyed part 2! If you have any ideas for a category or item for a category, comment down below and I’ll write the item under the category I’ll also write your username to give you the credit. I’ll try my best to write it on the post. Thanks!

Happy Bees Interviews Ep.2 With Elizabeth at Boundless Brunette

Hello Happy Bees! Hope you are enjoying winter! Also welcome to the HBI series if you are new here! I’m really excited for this interview to start, but before we do make sure to visit Elizabeth’s site: Boundless Brunette! I would also recommend following her site, it’s worth it and you won’t be disappointed. Without further ado, let’s get to it! Thanks

AJ: Hi Elizabeth! I’m so glad to have you here for the series! Your blog is welcoming and so goal-achieving!  What encouraged or influenced you to start a blog?

Elizabeth: Thanks so much for having me on! When I started my blog, I will say I 
was pretty speechless hearing about all these people making hundreds to 
thousands of dollars a month of their blog. Needless to say, I was in 
awe, and I really wanted to try it. Now, I realize there is so much more 
to blogging! I love the community and how welcoming everyone else is to 
your ideas.

AJ: Sounds amazing! What an inspiration!

AJ: You have so many amazing blog posts, but which type is your favorite?

Elizabeth: Ooh! This one is a good one. My favorite types of blog posts to write 
are probably blog posts that help people create a better lifestyle, or 
sharing freebies! I’m actually working on a freebie-blog post in the to 
come in the upcoming weeks, which is always fun.

AJ: I agree!

AJ: What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

Elizabeth:  My favorite thing about blogging is probably being able to share my 
thoughts without anybody knowing who I am. Yes, a handful of people that 
read my blog do know me in real life, but the majority are people who 
know close to nothing about me. Plus, everyone’s so friendly, and no one 
thinks twice about helping your blog out! (like you!)

AJ: Sounds wonderful & thank you!!

AJ: We already did a lot of blog-themed questions. Let’s do something fun like:What holiday is your favorite??

Elizabeth: CHRISTMAS!! I love Christmas-time so much! The cookies, the 
decorations, Advent church services, everything!

AJ: Me too!! And your favorite season is….?

Elizabeth:  Generally I’d say fall, but lately it’s really been winter! Now that 
I live down south, I don’t really get snow, and I totally envy those who 

AJ: Yeah, I haven’t gotten snow yet here too!

AJ: I’m craving some cake and speaking of cake what is your favorite dessert? :)

Elizabeth: I  do love Oreos! But, going the homemade route, I’d have to say 
chocolate chip cookies

AJ: Sounds delicious!

AJ: Favorite song?

Elizabeth: Ah, this is such a tricky one! I’m more of a podcast person, but when 
I listen to music, I do love “Summer Girls” by LFO!

AJ: Never heard that song before, I’ll listen to it after the interview!

AJ: I know Christmas is around the corner, what do you hope to get from family members?

Elizabeth: I really hope to get some more pairs of yoga pants, and an Apple 
Watch, or help with payment for an Apple Watch. Those are my main 
things, but there are also a couple small things, like vinyl for my 
Cricut, and makeup products.

Thank you, again, so much for this opportunity!

AJ: Thanks so much for coming onto the series! BE sure to check out Elizabeth’s Blog: Boundless Brunette!

Some Of My Favorite Things About Winter

If you’re like me, you love winter. I love many things about it! I’ll be listing some of my favorite things about winter! Also this post is short but sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Photo by Jessica Lynn Lewis on
  • Trees covered in snow
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Christmas Lights around the neighborhood
  • Gingerbread
  • Snow!!
  • Sledding
  • Photography!
  • It’s cold outside!
  • The Christmas songs
  • The Christmas movies
  • Winter themed blog posts
  • Drinking hot coco after being outside
  • Candy Canes
  • Ice Skating!
  • Warm & fuzzy blankets
  • Snow days! ( No school)
  • Winter Break! ( Spend time outside and with Family)
  • Christmas Sweaters
  • Beanie & Hat weather!
  • Playing Christmas songs on the instruments I play
  • ( Saved the best for last :) )

Thanks for reading!

What’s your favorite thing about winter? Comment down below!

Gifts for a Tween Girl At Christmas: Part One

Christmas is coming soon! If you don’t know what to get for your sister, friend, or even what to ask for Christmas you’re in luck because in this post I’ll be listing a few ideas on what to get/give! I’ll just split it into categories.

Part 1:


  • Stickers ( to put on instruments)
  • Ukulele
  • Headphones
  • Finger Piano
  • Music book ( for instruments she plays)
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Flute
  • Viola
  • Microphone
  • Custom pick ( for guitar )
  • Custom bow ( for string instruments)


  • Cactus
  • Mini plants
  • Fairy Lights
  • Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Clock
  • Lamp
  • Desk organizer
  • Bean Bag Chair
  • Fuzzy Chair
  • Faux Chair
  • Throw Pillows
  • Paintings/ wall decor
  • Mini fridge ( for beverages or skincare)
  • Ottoman


  • Yoga mat
  • Sneakers/tennis shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Water bottle stickers
  • Hockey Stick
  • Baseball Bat
  • Ice Skates
  • Foot Ball
  • Soccer ball
  • Hockey Helmet
  • Baseball Helmet
  • Fit bit
  • Head bands
  • Active/sports wear
  • Yoga pants
  • Bike
  • Bike lights (for wheels)
  • Rollerblades


Hope y’all enjoyed this post! I’ll make part 2 soon. Happy December!