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Heyyyy there! Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while and I’m gonna be totally honest- I forgot about the blog and when I said I was gonna post something in my mind I complete forgot the next day. I am currently working on a christian series for my struggling Christians. I hope y’all willContinue reading “UPDATE”

Becoming the best Christian version of yourself in 2023- Breaking bad habits & starting better ones

Hey guys!! Happy 2023! It feels so weird to say 2023. Or in this case write. Since it is 2023, I thought why not start the new year with new habits? But to do that we have to stop bad habits. We can do that by replacing them with better ones and praying to theContinue reading “Becoming the best Christian version of yourself in 2023- Breaking bad habits & starting better ones”

My Nighttime Routine-2022

Hey happy bees!! How are you doing? I know I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been really busy and I was actually going to write a post on what’s in my cheer bag but when I had free time there was crazy weather and lost power and internet. But thankfully, we have power andContinue reading “My Nighttime Routine-2022”


Hey happy bees! I have multiple posts I’m working on, I just need to finish up one more then I should be able to post them. Also I’m sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, I’ve been incredibly busy. A classic short post, :) Thanks so much y’all! Hints for posts: Lotion, Photography, Nature

Happy Bees Interviews Ep.3 With Jo|FroggySprouts

AJ: Hey there Happy Bees how are y’all? I hope y’all are doing great! In this post we are doing HBI Ep.3! It’ll be a fun interview with my dear friend Jo from FroggySprouts! Before I get to it be sure to check out her blog here! Without further ado, let’s get started! AJ: IContinue reading “Happy Bees Interviews Ep.3 With Jo|FroggySprouts”

Just Another Update|Poll results

Hey happy bees! In the post I made: Just another update, I had poll for y’all to vote which post you’d like to see. We got 80 votes and the result is.. . . . . . . . . . . . HBI Ep.3! Thanks so much for reading and voting! I’ll get startedContinue reading “Just Another Update|Poll results”

Free Beach Phone Wallpaper

Hello Happy Bees! I made some beach wallpaper for phones, they are free to download and use. Also go check out other wallpapers I made here and credit to Cupcakesandlemonade for giving me this idea! (I know that the featured image is a bit big but I’ll try o fix it :) ) steps toContinue reading “Free Beach Phone Wallpaper”