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Free Phone Wallpaper

Hey happy bees! I got this great idea from Cupcakesandlemonade, so credit to there and thanks so much for this idea! I made free phone wallpapers myself and hope you enjoy them! steps to download them: click on the image, then select open image in a new tab, click save as and then set asContinue reading “Free Phone Wallpaper”

2022 Goals ( & blogging)

Like I said before, happy 2022! It still feels weird to say 2022..But it’s not weird to say my goals for 2022 ( & my blogging goals for 2022!) So let’s get to it! Before I get into my goals for 2022 let’s review 2021! ( blogging) 2021 review I started blogging in I thinkContinue reading “2022 Goals ( & blogging)”

Just Another Update

Hey there Happy Bees! How’s your new year going? Well, I hope it’s going great! Anyways since it’s a New Year why not update y’all with new things? Hope you enjoy! My Pointe Shoes I was going through my closet because I really wanted to get ride of some stuff and organize ( *note aboutContinue reading “Just Another Update”

Happy New Year!!!!

There’s not much to say but..HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!! 🎉🎉 I hope you got off to a good start on 2022! Wow, 2022, thats so weird to say! Time goes by fast! Hope y’all enjoyed 2021 lets look forward for the good things in 2022 not what bad things might happen or what happened in theContinue reading “Happy New Year!!!!”

What I Got For Christmas & Christmas Eve in 2021

Hey happy bees! Hope you had lots of fun on Christmas! I enjoyed my Christmas but I just didn’t get a Christmasy feeling because there was no snow! That’s okay though, I had a fun time with family, church, friends, giving, food, and presents :) can’t forget about the presents. Speaking go presents, this isContinue reading “What I Got For Christmas & Christmas Eve in 2021”

Gifts for a Tween Girl at Christmas: Part Two

You can go check out the first part here! Anyways, I’m happy to write this post because I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Also click here to read my quick life update, if we get one more person to like it I will reveal which dog breed my new puppy is. In this post I’ll be listing someContinue reading “Gifts for a Tween Girl at Christmas: Part Two”

Happy Bees Interviews Ep.2 With Elizabeth at Boundless Brunette

Hello Happy Bees! Hope you are enjoying winter! Also welcome to the HBI series if you are new here! I’m really excited for this interview to start, but before we do make sure to visit Elizabeth’s site: Boundless Brunette! I would also recommend following her site, it’s worth it and you won’t be disappointed. WithoutContinue reading “Happy Bees Interviews Ep.2 With Elizabeth at Boundless Brunette”

Some Of My Favorite Things About Winter

If you’re like me, you love winter. I love many things about it! I’ll be listing some of my favorite things about winter! Also this post is short but sit back, relax, and enjoy! Trees covered in snow Christmas Decorations Christmas Lights around the neighborhood Gingerbread Snow!! Sledding Photography! It’s cold outside! The Christmas songsContinue reading “Some Of My Favorite Things About Winter”

Gifts for a Tween Girl At Christmas: Part One

Christmas is coming soon! If you don’t know what to get for your sister, friend, or even what to ask for Christmas you’re in luck because in this post I’ll be listing a few ideas on what to get/give! I’ll just split it into categories. Part 1: ~~~ Stickers ( to put on instruments) UkuleleContinue reading “Gifts for a Tween Girl At Christmas: Part One”