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My Nighttime Routine-2022

Hey happy bees!! How are you doing? I know I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been really busy and I was actually going to write a post on what’s in my cheer bag but when I had free time there was crazy weather and lost power and internet. But thankfully, we have power andContinue reading “My Nighttime Routine-2022”

December Target!

November Target Results Our November target was 100ish views and we got………. 162 views in that month!! We went way above the target! Thanks so much for all that made it possible!! December Target Happy December y’all!! I hope you had a great November! Who is excited for winter? I know I am! I wasContinue reading “December Target!”

Quick Update

Hello happy bees! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it, if you don’t then I hope you had a great Thursday) I just had a few things I wanted to share, hope you enjoy! New puppy! I have a older dog who is just the sweetest dog I ever met (Continue reading “Quick Update”

Fall Update!

Hello HappyBees!! I decided to update y’all with what’s going on! I’m Playing Cello! There is strings class you can sign up for and I did! And now I’m learning to play cello! People always ask if its heavy but it really isn’t as heavy as you would think. It’s lighter than my School backpackContinue reading “Fall Update!”

I know I’m not a Dino Expert but…..

I know I’m not a Dino expert but……um…………….. if sharks lived before dinos and with dinos and after dinos died….. well um….. wouldn’t the marine dinos still be alive too , if the sharks also a marine animal that survived the reason dinos died wouldn’t the marine dinos be alive as well?????? Comment below whatContinue reading “I know I’m not a Dino Expert but…..”