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Stormy Weather

Hi there happy bees! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, I’ve either been busy at school or cheer and it takes up a lot of my schedule. I was actually planning to post a get ready with me post about cheer but the weather is getting crazy! I’m not even sure thatContinue reading “Stormy Weather”

10 Things To Do In Autumn

Hi there happy bees! How is your autumn/fall going? Well I hope it’s going great! Fall is such a beautiful season! Pumpkin spice, the trees, the leaves, the pumpkins, gratitude and family. There’s so much to do in autumn, in this post I’ll be sharing a few things you can do during fall! Enjoy! GoContinue reading “10 Things To Do In Autumn”

Halloween Costume Ideas ~Episode 1~

Halloween is right around the corner! Who’s ready for the pumpkin spice, pumpkins, leaves, candy and costumes!? I understand that sometimes finding a costume can be tricky and hard. Sometimes you can’t even find the costume you want! To give you some inspiration, and maybe even to save some money and some time, lets getContinue reading “Halloween Costume Ideas ~Episode 1~”

Fall Update!

Hello HappyBees!! I decided to update y’all with what’s going on! I’m Playing Cello! There is strings class you can sign up for and I did! And now I’m learning to play cello! People always ask if its heavy but it really isn’t as heavy as you would think. It’s lighter than my School backpackContinue reading “Fall Update!”