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Happy Bees Interviews Ep.3 With Jo|FroggySprouts

AJ: Hey there Happy Bees how are y’all? I hope y’all are doing great! In this post we are doing HBI Ep.3! It’ll be a fun interview with my dear friend Jo from FroggySprouts! Before I get to it be sure to check out her blog here! Without further ado, let’s get started! AJ: IContinue reading “Happy Bees Interviews Ep.3 With Jo|FroggySprouts”

Happy Bees Interviews Ep.2 With Elizabeth at Boundless Brunette

Hello Happy Bees! Hope you are enjoying winter! Also welcome to the HBI series if you are new here! I’m really excited for this interview to start, but before we do make sure to visit Elizabeth’s site: Boundless Brunette! I would also recommend following her site, it’s worth it and you won’t be disappointed. WithoutContinue reading “Happy Bees Interviews Ep.2 With Elizabeth at Boundless Brunette”

Quick Update

Hello happy bees! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it, if you don’t then I hope you had a great Thursday) I just had a few things I wanted to share, hope you enjoy! New puppy! I have a older dog who is just the sweetest dog I ever met (Continue reading “Quick Update”

HB Interviews Ep.1 With Hannah At Tween Peek

Hey there happy bees! Hope you are having an amazing day! Today we will have a super fun post! It’s HB Interviews Episode One With my Best Friend Hannah at Tween Peek! Let’s get to it! ( Even thought I’ll probably get all the answers right since she is my best friend 🙂 ) Aj:Continue reading “HB Interviews Ep.1 With Hannah At Tween Peek”