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Hey happy bees! I have multiple posts I’m working on, I just need to finish up one more then I should be able to post them. Also I’m sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, I’ve been incredibly busy. A classic short post, :) Thanks so much y’all! Hints for posts: Lotion, Photography, Nature

Up-Coming Posts!

Hello Happy Bees! How’s your day going? Well I hope it’s going great! I know this post is short but I just wanted to tell y’all that I have many posts coming soon including one that will feature a good friend of mine! I’m really excited for the upcoming posts! That’s all for this shortContinue reading “Up-Coming Posts!”

Quick Update

Hello happy bees! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it, if you don’t then I hope you had a great Thursday) I just had a few things I wanted to share, hope you enjoy! New puppy! I have a older dog who is just the sweetest dog I ever met (Continue reading “Quick Update”

Fall Update!

Hello HappyBees!! I decided to update y’all with what’s going on! I’m Playing Cello! There is strings class you can sign up for and I did! And now I’m learning to play cello! People always ask if its heavy but it really isn’t as heavy as you would think. It’s lighter than my School backpackContinue reading “Fall Update!”


Hi there happy bees! hope you’re having a great time! I have a few things to say: -I’m starting an interview series and the first interview will be my best friend Hannah @ Tween Peek -I’m going to start Weekly Piano or Art posts Thanks for listening..or reading :) ! I appreciate it!!!

45 Fun Things To Do In Summer

Host a party/Cookout Go to the pool! Play with pets Go to the beach Catch bugs Play outside Go camping Find a new hobby Start something new! Ex: learn how to rollerblade or learn how to crochet Find a new TV show to watch Go hiking Start a lemonade stand Hang out in the backyardContinue reading “45 Fun Things To Do In Summer”

I know I’m not a Dino Expert but…..

I know I’m not a Dino expert but……um…………….. if sharks lived before dinos and with dinos and after dinos died….. well um….. wouldn’t the marine dinos still be alive too , if the sharks also a marine animal that survived the reason dinos died wouldn’t the marine dinos be alive as well?????? Comment below whatContinue reading “I know I’m not a Dino Expert but…..”