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Happy New Year!!!!

There’s not much to say but..HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!! 🎉🎉 I hope you got off to a good start on 2022! Wow, 2022, thats so weird to say! Time goes by fast! Hope y’all enjoyed 2021 lets look forward for the good things in 2022 not what bad things might happen or what happened in theContinue reading “Happy New Year!!!!”

December Target!

November Target Results Our November target was 100ish views and we got………. 162 views in that month!! We went way above the target! Thanks so much for all that made it possible!! December Target Happy December y’all!! I hope you had a great November! Who is excited for winter? I know I am! I wasContinue reading “December Target!”

October Target Results

Happy November Happy Bees! I Hope y’all had an amazing October! Thanks for helping us reach our October Target! Our goal was 120 views ( in October) and we got……drum roll…….. 121! Thanks so much for making this possible! November Target It’s November! Hope y’all got off to a good start even if you didn’tContinue reading “October Target Results”

July Target Result & and August Target

Hi Happy bees! Our July Target was 325 views…. And we got……339!!! I Thank all who made this possible so much!!!!!! I’ve been struggling with blogging but with my vision of this blog, if I keep my eyes on it and believe, it will come true, my vision for August is at the least 350Continue reading “July Target Result & and August Target”