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Heyyyy there! Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while and I’m gonna be totally honest- I forgot about the blog and when I said I was gonna post something in my mind I complete forgot the next day. I am currently working on a christian series for my struggling Christians. I hope y’all willContinue reading “UPDATE”

Just Another Update|Poll results

Hey happy bees! In the post I made: Just another update, I had poll for y’all to vote which post you’d like to see. We got 80 votes and the result is.. . . . . . . . . . . . HBI Ep.3! Thanks so much for reading and voting! I’ll get startedContinue reading “Just Another Update|Poll results”

Just Another Update

Hey there Happy Bees! How’s your new year going? Well, I hope it’s going great! Anyways since it’s a New Year why not update y’all with new things? Hope you enjoy! My Pointe Shoes I was going through my closet because I really wanted to get ride of some stuff and organize ( *note aboutContinue reading “Just Another Update”

Quick Update

Hello happy bees! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it, if you don’t then I hope you had a great Thursday) I just had a few things I wanted to share, hope you enjoy! New puppy! I have a older dog who is just the sweetest dog I ever met (Continue reading “Quick Update”

Fall Update!

Hello HappyBees!! I decided to update y’all with what’s going on! I’m Playing Cello! There is strings class you can sign up for and I did! And now I’m learning to play cello! People always ask if its heavy but it really isn’t as heavy as you would think. It’s lighter than my School backpackContinue reading “Fall Update!”