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Just Another Update

Hey there Happy Bees! How’s your new year going? Well, I hope it’s going great! Anyways since it’s a New Year why not update y’all with new things? Hope you enjoy! My Pointe Shoes I was going through my closet because I really wanted to get ride of some stuff and organize ( *note aboutContinue reading “Just Another Update”

Some Of My Favorite Things About Winter

If you’re like me, you love winter. I love many things about it! I’ll be listing some of my favorite things about winter! Also this post is short but sit back, relax, and enjoy! Trees covered in snow Christmas Decorations Christmas Lights around the neighborhood Gingerbread Snow!! Sledding Photography! It’s cold outside! The Christmas songsContinue reading “Some Of My Favorite Things About Winter”

December Target!

November Target Results Our November target was 100ish views and we got………. 162 views in that month!! We went way above the target! Thanks so much for all that made it possible!! December Target Happy December y’all!! I hope you had a great November! Who is excited for winter? I know I am! I wasContinue reading “December Target!”

Quick Update

Hello happy bees! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it, if you don’t then I hope you had a great Thursday) I just had a few things I wanted to share, hope you enjoy! New puppy! I have a older dog who is just the sweetest dog I ever met (Continue reading “Quick Update”